Saturday, September 19, 2009

the GAP gift card winner...

Here I am, finally getting around to announce the winner of the $50 Gap gift card! Thank you so, so much for all the fabulous jean-ish (or jean-y?) feedback - and thank you to every single person who took the time to enter. I love you guys. Even more than jeans, actually, which is kind of saying a lot.

Feel special.

Anyway, without further ado, I'm happy to announce that the winner of the gift card is the lovely Jennifer, who blogs over here. Hurrah for Jennifer! And here is what she had to say in her comment on the giveaway post:

the GAP gift card winner!

Congrats Jennifer! You're going to be looking ridiculously awesome in whatever you decide to pick out with your gift card! (I say go for the skinny jeans, then we can be twinsies.) And I totally hear you on being a cheapie girl when it comes to shopping. Amen, sister.

And thank you again to everyone who took the time to enter this giveaway! I wish I could take you all on a Gap shopping spree, but I'm not sure if that's in the cards. But who knows. I'll talk to my people. (Actually, I don't have people. I just like to sound cool. You can ignore me now.)

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